France is a country famous for many things. It is a country of romance and culture, and it is a country which features some of the finest cuisine in existence.

From the metropolitan city of Paris, to the vineyards of Bordeaux, France seemingly has it all. One thing that people often overlook when it comes to France, though, is the fact that during the winter months, many parts of the country offer some of the finest skiing conditions and resorts that you could ever wish for.

If you want to book a ski trip and aren’t sure where to begin, here’s a look at 6 of the best ski resorts in France.



The first French ski resort we have for you today, is Chamonix. Chamonix forms part of the skiing territory of Mont Blanc, the largest mountain in the alps. Each skiing season, skiers of all abilities flock to Chamonix in their droves to hit the slopes and experience all that the many resorts here have to offer.

This is a resort which is best suited for those who are serious about their skiing. It is ideal for expert skiers with years of experience under their belts.

It is also somewhat legendary in that it was home to the world’s very first Winter Olympic Games. Thanks to the cooling glacial effects, and the high-altitude terrain, the skiing conditions here are considered by many to be the best in all of the alps.

Argentière, Chamonix
Argentière, Chamonix



Courchevel is a part of three valleys that actually forms the world’s biggest alpine skiing domain. Of the three, Courchevel is the biggest and most popular.

Here there are 150km of stunning alpine runs, which can be accessed via any one of the 80 lifts in operation here. Each year, the resort averages over four metres of snow, and thanks to the relentless work of those in charge, the slopes are kept in pristine condition, making them perfect for skiers of all abilities.

There are five villages here in the resort, each stunning in its own right. There are also heaps of places for beginners to take classes and hone their skills, so don’t be put off by your lack of experience on the slopes.

After all, everybody was once a learner.

23 percent of runs here are for beginners, and 35 are for those considered intermediates. For added peace of mind, children must wear magnetic vests on the lifts, so safety here is paramount and is taken care of wonderfully.

Courchevel from Chanrossa


Val Thorens

Val Thorens is one of the best ski resorts in all of France, offering quality skiing conditions for very affordable prices. It is the highest ski resort in all of Europe, with peaks reaching 3220 metres!

Throughout the entire skiing season, Val Thorens retains fantastic conditions which you can set your watch by. When you aren’t skiing, why not head up the glaciers with your camera and enjoy some of the best panoramic vistas you could ever imagine?

The night life here in Val Thorens is also something that you must experience. After a long day of skiing, head back to your room, change, and head out and hit the streets. There’re plenty in terms of restaurants, bars, cafes, and night clubs.

In fact, it features the largest night club in all of the Alps, Malaysia, which offers plenty of live entertainment including live music, DJs, fire-eating, and much more besides. If you like to have fun and keep busy, Val Thorens is the perfect resort for you.

Ski lift,Val Thorens
Ski lift in Val Thorens


Les Arcs

Up next we have Les Arcs. Les Arcs forms the Paradiski ski area, along with neighbouring La Plagne. Here, you’ll find the perfect mixture of runs, ranging from beginner to expert.

There are also open runs from above a height of 2000 metres, running down to smaller forest runs which surround the smaller villages situated lower down. Les Arcs is certainly not lacking in size, as many consider it to be one of the country’s mega ski resorts.

If you’re all skied out, or if you just feel like trying something new one day, you’ll find plenty of options here at Les Arcs. Some of the more popular options include water jump and boarder cross. Skiers, snowboarders, and winter adrenaline junkies alike will be in their element here when they see the vast array of runs and experiences on offer.

Les Arcs



Meribel is a ski resort that Brits hold near and dear in their hearts. This is because it was founded in the 1930s Peter Lindsey, who was a huge winter sports fan.

This purpose-built resort has done what other similar resorts have failed to do, and that is retain the rugged and authentic charm of other smaller alpine resorts and villages, along with eye-catching chalet-style winter log cabin architecture which we romanticise about so often.

Meribel is the perfect base for exploring other neighbouring valleys, and is the perfect resort for intermediates who are not quite ready to hit the expert pistes. Now, it just wouldn’t be popular amongst the Brits, if it didn’t feature tea in some capacity, right?

Well, if you’re a lover of a nice cup of tea, Dick’s Tea Bar is the stuff of legend around these parts. If you’re looking for a lively piste-side venue, Rond Point is well worth visiting, as the party atmosphere here is out of this world.



La Clusaz

If you want to enjoy a ski resort that is much quitter and far more relaxed, tranquil, and laid back than some of the resorts we’ve looked at so far, La Clusaz is perfect.

Located close to the Swiss border, this old alpine village has participated in winter sports for over one century now, with skiing being the primary activity.

Once upon a time, the village was most prominently centred around farming and agriculture, and as a result, it has retained its old rustic charm, despite now being a popular ski resort.

It is just one hour away from Geneva, which also helps make it popular for holidaymakers and tourists alike, as it means that airport transfers are much quicker, so you can hit the slopes faster.

La Clusaz



So, there you have just some of the amazing ski resorts on offer in France.

If you’re getting the winter sports itch and can’t wait to book your next skiing adventure, maybe now you’ll consider France? Until next time, don’t stop wandering!



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