If, like me, you currently find yourself craving sunnier climes, blue skies, sandy beaches, and crystal clear waters, why not give yourself something to look forward to and start planning your next break in the sun.

Our planet is home to some of the most amazing locations you could ever wish for, as there is literally something for everyone. Today, though, I’d like to take you to the Canary Islands, and there’s a special reason for why.

The Canaries are home to some of the most fantastic diving locations on the planet, and if you’re keen to don your snorkel and flippers and delve below the deep blue sea, this article will prove to be very useful indeed.

Situated in the Atlantic Ocean, west to Morocco, the Canary Islands offer perfect diving conditions for much of the year, which is why I’m looking at diving locations today.

Here, in my opinion, are the se7en best places to go diving in the Canaries.


El Condesito

The first place I’m looking at today is the El Condesito wreck, located close to Las Galletas on the island of Tenerife.

This location is perfect for those of you who like your deep sea diving with just a hint of adventure. Why? Because it is home to the El Condesito shipwreck, which sadly crashed into a rock and sank back in 1972.

The wreckage is found in shallow waters, but this site is only recommended for experienced divers, as there is a strong current.

The deepest point of the ship is around 21 metres below sea level, and visibility is also generally good, at around 20 and 30 metres, depending on the conditions.

As well as the ship, you’ll also find a cavalcade of marine life that have now claimed the ship as their home.

El Condesito


La Palma

La Palma, which used to be known as San Miguel La Palma, is located in the Northwest of the Canary Islands and is a fantastic holiday destination for those of you who love your beaches as much as your diving.

La Palma is home to stunning countryside, golden sandy beaches, clear blue skies, volcanoes, islands, underground rivers, and of course, some prime diving spots.

Situated just to the south you will find El Torreon de Malpique , which is a world famous diving destination, only accessible in calm conditions.

Here you will find warm waters, 45 metres of depth to explore, an abundance of marine life, and beautiful black coral.

Once you see it for yourself, you’ll know why it’s so popular.


La Catedral

Now I’m going to take you north of Las Palmas, to one of the more unique diving spots in the Canary Islands. Why is it unique? Because it is one of only a few diving spots that feature unique underwater rock formations.

This is a very interesting place to go diving because it is home to some amazing rock formations, numerous crevices, underwater caves, lava tubes and arches, which look fantastic with the various fish and other marine life swimming about.

This is another diving spot that is recommended for experienced divers as conditions must be taken into account before you head out, as there are strong currents to deal with.

If you do decide to dive here, just make sure to have an underwater camera or GoPro as you won’t want to miss the amazing scenery on offer.


La Restinga

La Restinga is the perfect diving location for those of you who are looking for somewhere a little more tranquil and relaxed.

La Restinga is found on the island of El Hierro, which is the smallest of the islands.

In order to visit La Restinga, you will be required to fly to Tenerife before hopping on a Ferry. Now, to some of you, that sounds like a lot of work, but by all accounts, it is well worth the wait, and then some.

The diving experience you will get here will be like no other you’ve ever experienced before. This is because La Restinga is a marine reserve which is home to some of the most fantastic creatures you could ever wish for.

From sea turtles and fish, to dolphins and even small sharks, there really is something for everybody here.

It is also worth knowing that Whale Sharks have showed up here from time to time, so again, make sure your camera is charged, and that you haven’t watched Jaws recently.

La Restinga-El Hierro


Cueva Palm Mar

If you’re a confident and experienced diver, Cueva Palm Mar is the perfect place to go diving.

With a depth of between 10 and 40 metres, this spot lies just off of Tenerife and can only be accessed via boat, which you can board from either Las Galltas or Los Cristianos port.

What divers love about this location is the transparency of the water, as visibility is excellent for much of the year.

Upon donning your diving gear and submerging yourself you will find all manner of stunning marine creatures including zebrafish, moray eels, sea bream, leopard morays, and plenty more besides.

There is also a mystical underwater cave for you to explore.


San Sebastian

San Sebastian is the perfect diving spot for divers of all abilities, including those who are new to the activity and are looking to slowly ease their way into things.

Because of its biodiversity, this is a very popular diving location, which sits just to the east of Gomera Island.

For best conditions, I.E to avoid the wet season, it is recommended that you visit San Sebastian between November and January, where temperatures are still very balmy and pleasant.

It will of course vary from visit to visit, but generally you can expect to see a whole variety of different creatures here, which include, but are not limited to: star puffers, octopus, shrimp, sea cucumbers, barracuda, crabs, trumpet fish, and plenty more besides.

There are also a number of sponges here, although I doubt Sponge Bob is amongst them, but you never know.


The Kalais

Finally, last but not least, I present you with the wreckage of the Kalais.

Just outside of Las Palmas, The Kalais is a cargo ship around 100-metres in length, that was actually scuttled back in the 80s after the owners decline to pay the mooring fees.

Scuttling, by the way, is the deliberate sinking of a ship.

The ship sits on the bed of the sea just outside of the harbour and is a very interesting site as you can see much of the ship’s cargo, such as bags of cement, still on board.

The crew these days, though, are those of the aquatic type.


Confession time: Each article is harder to put together than the last one, given the current lockdown.

I can’t wait to get out and splurge on some vacation instead of just writing about them. I bet you are itching for it as well.

So, here’s to the end of this pandemic. For when it will end, I bet none of us will be able to stop our wanderings.




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