Let’s face it, once normality resumes, and rest assured it will resume sooner rather than later, we’re all going to require a bit of downtime to mentally and physically recharge our bodies and minds.

One of the best ways of doing exactly that is by getting outside and amongst nature. We’re fortunate in the sense that our wonderful planet is home to some of the most amazing landscapes and wildlife that you could ever wish for.

If you enjoy the great outdoors and want to be amongst some of the most diverse wildlife imaginable, a trip to the USA could be on the cards.

The US is home to some of the most amazing national parks on the planet, which is what I’m going to be talking to you about today.

Below you’ll find a list of se7en of the best national parks in the USA.


Dry Tortugas National Park

Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida, is one of the most diverse National Parks in the whole of the USA.

Situated around 68 miles to the west of Key West, this is the perfect park for anybody that yearns for solitude and tranquillity, with the reassurance of reliable and pleasant weather.

Named after the sea turtles that inhabit the surroundings, Dry Tortugas National Park is ideal for people that have shown a keen interest in military history. Here there is an abandoned fort that was unfinished. The fort, entitled Fort Jefferson was built over the course of 30 years and even then, it was never fully completed.

Now home to pleasant countryside, hot sunshine, and impressive coastline, this really is a special and slightly unique National Park.

Dry Tortugas National Park



I don’t care where you look, I’d be very shocked to find a list of the nest national parks in the United States that did NOT contain Yellowstone National Park as one of the best.

Not only is this the world’s first National Park, it is also one of the most impressive to look at and explore. With its crystal clear lakes, rugged mountainsides, and dense woodland, this is about as close to a real life depiction of a Bob Ross masterpiece as you could get. And yes, as you can imagine, there are plenty of happy little bushes living here.

Seriously, the hot springs and geysers are enough alone to convince people to visit here, and despite seeing around 4.4 million people annually, because of its size you can still easily avoid the crowds and enjoy your own peace and solitude.



Glacier National Park

The third offering I have for you today is a doozy by the name of Glacier National Park.

Widely considered to be one of the best National Parks in the United States, and one of the most stunning places in the world, Glacier National Park really is something special.

As you might expect, this park gets its name from what is left of the glaciers way back from the Ice Age.

Locals affectionately call it the ‘Crown of the Continent’ as it is situated on the border of the US and Canada, between the headwaters of the majestic streams which flow into the Gulf of Mexico, Hudson Bay, and the Pacific Ocean.

For those of you who enjoy hiking through alpine vistas and snow capped mountains and cabins, this is the park you need to see.

Not only are there hiking trails for hikers of all abilities, but on top of that there are also over 700 lakes, mountain ranges, waterfalls, and some of the most diverse wildlife you could imagine.

This was one of my favourites when doing my research.

Glacier National Park



Yosemite National Park is widely regarded as one of the top two National Parks in the States, often second only to Yellowstone.

This is California’s most visited National Park and one of the State’s most popular tourist destinations.

What surprised me about here when I was researching was that it wasn’t what I expected from Cali. I was awestruck at the dramatic cliffsides, waterfalls, woodland, and rock formations, which were like nothing I’d seen before.

There are plenty of hiking trails here, as well as famous landmarks such as El Capitan and Half Dome.



Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon is one of the most well-known tourist attractions and natural wonders in the world, so it’s no wonder why the Grand Canyon National Park is considered to be so popular amongst tourists and hikers alike.

Now, if you want lush green panoramic vistas, alpine glacial lakes, waterfalls, and dense woodland, then this isn’t for you.

It’s located in an arid desert location, so there isn’t much in the way of vegetation, but once you see the canyon itself, wow, will you understand why it’s so popular.

Grand Canyon


Zion National Park

Yes, Zion may indeed be the fictional world of The Matrix, but in real life it is a stunning National Park located in Utah.

Getting its name from the Ancient Hebrew word for ‘Refuge’ Zion sees millions of tourists and hikers head here every single year to relax and unwind.

With amazing mountain vistas and clifftops, along with the Angel’s Landing hiking trail and Virgin River, Zion National Park most certainly takes some beating.

If you’re camping in the summer, be sure to cast your gaze upwards to the sky, as the blanket of stars twinkling above you will stick in your mind’s eye until the end of days.

Zion National Park


Rocky Mountain National Park

Finally, I’ll leave you with this fab offering from the Rockies.

This Colorado National Park might not be the largest, coming in at a still impressive 265,000 acres, but it’s certainly one of the most visually impressive.

With spruce pine forests, unspoiled countryside, shimmering alpine lakes, wild flower meadows, and amazing wildlife such as Elk and Bighorn Sheep, you’ll fall in love with this National Park right away.

A little insider tip from a friend is to enjoy a delicious homemade ice cream when you do reach the lower levels once again.

Rocky Mountain



I for one will dream of a road trip taking me to at least one of these parks. Until then, stay safe and plan how to not stop wandering when this whole situation blows of.



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