Europe is home to some of the most fantastic destinations on the face of the earth.

From sandy beaches and coastal resorts to green farmlands and vineyards, there’s something for everybody in Europe which is why it’s the perfect holiday destination.

Whereas some people go on holiday to relax, others are far happier when being active and getting out amongst nature, which is why hiking holidays in Europe are proving to be especially popular as of late.

You see, central Europe is home to the Alps, which stretch across countries such as Liechtenstein, Germany, Italy, France, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Austria.

The Alps themselves are the highest mountain range in all of Europe, they’re also the most extensive and are home to all manner of gorgeous hiking trails. Because the Alps are located in so many different countries, no two hiking trails are entirely alike.

If you’re looking for ideas of where to head out on your next hiking trail, here are se7en of the best hiking trails in the Alps.


Alta Via 1, Italy

Mami Mia, the first hiking trail I’m taking you to today, is located in Italy.

Italy is home to beautiful pasta, authentic pizza, great weather, and amazing countryside. It is also home to the Alta Via hiking trail.

Dolomites, Italy sunset

Snaking its way through the rugged Dolomites mountains of northern Italy the Alta Via 1 trail is arguably the most unique hiking trail situated in the Alps.

Stretching for a whopping 71 miles from Lago di Braies to La Pissa, this trail is not for the weak of heart and is certainly not one for those new to hiking as typically it is completed over 11 stages.

Complete with alpine lakes, mountains, and even ancient battlefields from WW1, this is a trail you certainly won’t want to forget your camera on.

Alta Via 1, Italy Dolomites


Walker’s Haute Route, Switzerland and France

Second up for you today, I’ve got Walker’s Haute Route which takes place between 11 alpine passes from Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn, and boy, is it a classic.

This trek stretches for 112 miles and takes around two weeks to complete, though please don’t take this number too literally.

Here you’ll find snow-topped mountain peaks, glistening mountain glaciers, alpine trees, forests, green valleys, and more wildlife than you ever knew existed.

Make no mistake about it, this is not an easy trail, but if you’re capable, it is one of the most picturesque.

Mont Blanc


Tour de Monte Rosa, Switzerland and Italy

Here, circling Monte Rosa, you will find Switzerland’s tallest mountain, standing at a whopping 4, 634 metres.

The Tour de Monte Rosa stretches 101 miles and begins and concludes in the awe-inspiring Zermatt.

This route snakes and bends its way around the Monte Rosa Massif, giving hikers amazing views of snow, ice, rock, and greenery that looks like something out of a Tolkien fantasy.

If you need just one reason to take part in this gorgeous trail, let it be the views of the Matterhorn from way above the Matter Valley, as the views here will be engrained into your memory for the rest of your life.



Eagles Walk, Austria

Austria is home to many amazing things, including one of my favourite actors Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is, however, also home to one of the best hiking trails in the Alps.

Eagles Walk stretches a respectable 413km across the complete breadth of Austria and is found on many a keen hiker’s bucket list.

This trail is split into 33 stages so hikers can plan their trip based upon their hiking abilities, their schedules, and their personal preferences.

So, whether you want to burn a few hundred calories and see the countryside for a few hours, or embark on the entire 33 stages, Eagles Walk in Austria has you covered.

Eagles Walk in Austria Kaiser


Lech River Trail, Austria

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Not so fast, we’re not done with Austria just yet, as up next, I present to you the Lech River Trail.

This trail runs parallel alongside the River Lech and is one of the newest hikes on my list for you today, due to the fact that it was only established back in 2012.

The Lech River Trail is a long-distance hiking route, yet it is probably the easiest trail on my list today due to the terrain. This makes it ideal for those looking to get into hiking without actually having to test themselves quite yet.

Here, the route begins at the source of the River Lech and makes its way across wild landscapes, green foliage, and my personal favourite, royal castles, as you know how much I enjoy a good castle.

If you’re inexperienced and are looking to build your confidence, this is the ultimate hiking trail to embark upon.

Lechleiten sun


Via Alpina, Switzerland

As I’ve mentioned before, Europe is indeed home to some of the most amazing countryside and vistas that you could ever imagine, yet this particular trail in Switzerland has to be up there with the best of the best.

The Via Alpina hiking trail explores Switzerland’s northern alps and provides hikers with views that most people could only ever dream of experiencing in the flesh.


Consisting of 242 miles of hills, mountains, forests, valleys, glaciers, and lakes, this trail is a physically demanding 20-stage route which includes 14 mountain passes, along with 23,600 metres of ascent. Needless to say, you need to be physically and mentally fit to take part in this hike, but if you are, the views are the ultimate reward.

Weisstannen Valley


Lac de Louvie, Switzerland

Finally, leaving you with something nice and easy, I’ll leave you with the majestic Lac de Louvie trail in Switzerland.

This trail is not too far away from the town of Verbier and offers amazing views of Mont Blanc.

Lac de Louvie

Lasting just one day, and consisting of 15KM of relatively flat and even terrain, this is a hike that you can enjoy at your leisure, without having to rush so that you can really see the amazing views on offer.

Here you’ll pass centuries-old stone barns, glistening lakes, rugged cliff faces, and snow-capped alpine mountains, it really is a hike you can’t miss if you happen to be near Verbier.

Lac de Louvie cabin


Are you ready to have the time of your life seeing these amazing views? Which one would you try first?

Until next time stay safe, stay curious and don’t stop wandering!



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