If there’s one thing you can bet on when it comes to our weather, it’s that it’ll be cold, wet, windy, and grey, for much of the year. Our winters are about as depressing as a microwave lasagne ready meal for one, and often our summers aren’t much better. For those of you who crave a little, or a lot of, sunshine in your lives, you’ll likely spend many an hour day dreaming about sitting on a beach somewhere, book in one hand, cocktail in the other, being baked by the sun as you listen to the waves gently lap the shore. Rather than daydream about this scenario, why not make it a reality?

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and it also happens to be home to some of the most amazing beaches in the entire world. If you’re craving a beach holiday, instead of the usual places like Spain, Greece, and Italy etc, why not opt for a beach holiday in Thailand instead? As an added bonus, because the beaches are so beautiful, they’ll make fantastic Instagram shots too. Here’s a look at 7 of the most instagrammable beaches in Thailand.


Morakot Cave

With a name like Morakot Cave, you know you’re getting something exciting, and this beach does not disappoint on that front. Morakot Cave is absolutely gorgeous, with sparkling blue seas, golden white sand, lush greenery in the distance, and jagged and rugged coastline and cliff faces stretching as far as the eye can see.

To make matters even more exciting, Morakot Cave beach can only be accessed via the sea. When visiting here, just be sure to have a Go-Pro or waterproof camera, because the views are not to be missed.

Once you see the cave opening, make your way towards it via the warm and calm waters, swim through the opening, and make your way out the other side into a tranquil and stunning lagoon comprised of turquoise sea, white sands, and moss-covered cliffsides isolating you from the rest of the world. Video your emergence from the cave into the lagoon, and your Instagram will blow up!

Morakot Cave


Railay Beach

Next on our list we have the stunning Railay Beach. This beach is located in Krabi, and what a beauty it is. Railay Beach is arguably the most photogenic beach on our list today, and if you see it in the flesh, you’ll know why.

Railay Beach offers dramatic jagged cliffs and rocks to one side, and the majestic waters of the Andaman Sea to the other. Best of all is the fact that as the beach is only accessible by boat, you won’t need to fight through hordes of holidaymakers.

Bask in the sunshine, take a dip in the clear waters, listen to the birds sing, watch the monkeys swing from tree to tree in the dense foliage, and be sure to get plenty of pics to upload to your social media when you get back to your hotel.

Railay beach


Phulay Bay

Phulay Bay is a little different to the tropical paradise locations we’ve listed so far. Phulay Bay is ideal for those of you who like things a little more rugged and natural.

Set amongst dense jungle, and limestone crevices, Phulay Bay is as quiet as it is beautiful. There’s plenty to do here too, including an elephant reserve not too far away, which will of course make for a super cute Instagram snapshot.

Phulay Bay


Maya Bay

Maya Bay is one of the most photographed beaches in all of Thailand. If you visit Maya Bay and think it looks familiar, it could be because you’ve seen it on Instagram, or it could be because you’ve seen it featured in Hollywood blockbusters.

Maya Bay was the setting for the chilling Leonardo DiCaprio movie The Beach. Set amongst thick green jungle, placid expanses of turquoise blue waters, palm trees, golden white sands, and imposing cliffsides and mountains, Maya Bay is really special.

If you are hoping to get an Instagram shot inspired by The Beach movie, you may struggle, as because of its claim to fame, Maya Bay is somewhat of a tourist hotspot these days. Nevertheless, it is an amazing beach and is certainly worth a visit, and a ‘photo of the day’ hashtag.

Maya Bay


Patong Beach

So far, most of the beaches we’ve looked at today have been peaceful, placid, and tranquil. That’s all well and good, but what if you crave something a little more lively? Well, in that case, you’ll need to head to Patong Beach.

Patong Beach is renowned for its nightlife and party atmosphere. The beach, located in Phuket, is 3.5KM in length, and offers plenty of leisure activities such as pubs, clubs, bars, and restaurants.

For some truly memorable snaps, be sure to head over here for a full moon party, or even a half moon party for that matter, but just remember to party responsibly.

Patong Beach


Ko Tapu Beach

Ko Tapu Beach is also known as James Bond Beach. This is because this beautiful beach island shot to fame in 1974, thanks to being featured in the James Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun, starring the irreplaceable Roger Moore.

This is slightly controversial as technically it doesn’t offer any sand, but rather, open expanses of water surrounding the iconic limestone spire. Despite this, there’s plenty to do, including snorkelling and canoeing, and the spire itself will be your Instagram money shot, as it were.

Ko Tapu


Ko Yao Noi

Thailand is not only great for people looking to enjoy a holiday, it’s also ideal for people who are looking to get in shape. Home to many wellness retreats, Ko Yao Noi is perfect.

Here, visitors can relax on the golden sandy beaches, rent bikes and take in the sights, or even work up a sweat and burn off some serious calories by taking Muay Thai kickboxing lessons.

After working up a sweat, why not cool off for a dip in the Andaman Sea, before enjoying a fantastic coconut fish curry and rice, all washed down with a mineral water, or cocktail, as you definitely deserve it.

Ko Yao Noi


As you can see, if it’s Instagram beach photos you’re looking for, Thailand is the place to be.

In truth, the beaches here in Thailand are worth visiting for so many more reasons than social media, so book your tickets, pack your case, and see for yourself! Until then, don’t stop wandering!



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