Ah, France, the country of lurve. France is, without question, one of the most beautiful, romantic, welcoming, and exciting countries in the world. Not only are the surroundings diverse and the cuisine exquisite, but France also happens to be one of the most Instagrammable places on the planet.

Come on, admit it, whenever you’re experiencing a bit of Wanderlust, you’ll head over to Instagram and check out the holiday snaps uploaded by lucky Instagram users and will wish you were there yourself.

If you’re getting the travel bug and want to enjoy a spot of skiing this year, France has plenty to offer in terms of stunning slopes and resorts. Just remember to pack your phone (yeah, like anybody would ever forget to do that) as we’ll now be looking at 7 of the most Instagrammable ski slopes and resorts in France.


Avoriaz, Haute-Savoie

The first offering we have for you today is Avoriaz, Haute-Savoie. Straddling the border with Switzerland, this ski resort is one of the most beautiful you could ever encounter.

The ski slopes here are magical, especially on a sunny and crisp winter’s day. Avoriaz has been very cleverly designed so that the slopes themselves are constantly bathed in the shade.

This not only helps to preserve the snow for longer when the sun is shining, but it also means that the uber-modern ski resort itself, is coated in warm sunlight. If you can snap a photo of the contrasts between the two, your Instagram will be lit. Lit’s a good thing, right?

Avoriaz, France



Second on our list today we have the ski resort of Morzine. This is part of the sun gates ski domain and Morzine also allows you to alternate between France and Switzerland when it comes to hitting the slopes.

Situated at an altitude of over 1000 metres, the views in the village of Morzine are spectacular. Morzine was established back in the middle ages, and what’s really special about it is the fact that it has retained much of its rustic charm and beauty over the centuries.

In the winter, the resort itself is lively and welcoming, and there is a great party atmosphere with live bands, DJs, and live entertainment. Oh, and the slopes themselves aren’t too shabby, either. If you get a sunny winter’s day, just wait until the sun sets before snapping your pic, and watch the likes and follows come flooding in once you upload your pic.

Morzine, France


Tignes, Savoie

Here we have another resort located in Savoie, this time, the magical ski resort of Tignes.

Located in the tranquil Tarentaise Valley, this ski resort is a safe bet if you want heavy snow and great ski conditions. With a healthy choice of ski slopes for beginners, experienced skiers, and everybody in between, Tignes is a very special ski resort near year-round, thanks to its close proximity to the Grande Motte glacier.

For the ultimate Insta-worthy photo, wait until dusk falls and the resort is illuminated, and snap your pic from a distance, making sure to get imposing, yet beautiful, mountains and ski slopes in frame.

Tignes, France


Chamonix, Mont Blanc

No article looking at French ski resorts and slopes would be complete without a mention of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc.

The site of the world’s very first Winter Olympic Games, Chamonix is one of the oldest, and the most beautiful, ski resorts in all of France, and dare we say, all of Europe. Chamonix has undergone a fair amount of development over the years, but it is precisely as you would expect an upmarket ski resort to be.

If it’s Insta-worthy snap shots you’re seeking as you hit the slopes, the Alpine backdrops, set alongside the slopes of the largest mountain in Europe will give you precisely that. Chamonix has something for everybody, as well as some of the most beautiful and photogenic ski slopes in all of Europe.

Chamonix, France


Val Thorens

Val Thorens is one of the highest ski resorts in all of Europe. It’s also one of the most photogenic.

Val Thorens is part of a tri-valley ski domain and is one of the most dynamic ski resorts in the country. Val Thorens has it all, from ice diving at the stunning Lac du Lou, to hitting up the stunning pistes scattered throughout the resort, you’ll certainly not struggle for ideas of things to do during your visit.

The resort is at its most Instagrammable in the evening, as the sun has just set, the sky is a tranquil sheet of dark blue, and the stunning snow-capped wooden chalets and hotels are bathed in a warming amber hue thanks to the streetlights.

Val Thorens, France



Meribel is a custom-built ski resort that was constructed in the 1930s. It is a charming little village embedded in the mountains that just oozes peace and tranquillity.

For those of you who want to enjoy your skiing away from the hustle and bustle of high-rise apartments and hotels, outdoor parties and DJs, and rowdy skiers just off of the piste, Meribel is perfect. Meribel is host to quaint wooden chalets embedded into the snow-capped hillsides.

It is the white slopes, dotted with lush green alpine trees that really set the atmosphere here, along with the picturesque little villages dotted around the slopes in this gorgeous resort.

Easily accessible by shuttle buses and a network of lifts, Meribel is great if you want to ski in relatively quiet surroundings. As for the area itself, any shot of Meribel is sure to light up your Instagram.

Meribel, France


Isola 2000

As you might expect with a name like Isola 2000, this is a modern, yet basic, ski resort in the Alps, just minutes from the Italian border.

In fact, for many years, it belonged to the Italians, until they handed it over to France just after WW2. This resort is high, like, really high. Because of its altitude, the views from the slopes are majestic. Isola 2000 is great for people learning skiing, or families with children, as it is home to many green runs that are ideal for beginners.

Now, this is somewhat controversial in terms of aesthetics, because the resort itself is nothing amazing to look at. There are hillsides and mountains, trees, and basic-looking wooden chalets, along with 70s concrete hotels and high-rise apartments that are really looking weathered now.

And that’s about it. For those of you who are looking to keep your Instagram accounts real, as it were, and to show that not everything in life has to look like it’s owned by multi-billionaire corporations, Isola 2000 is perfect. The dilapidated-looking concrete resort buildings work incredibly well with a black and white filter applied, so there’s your next idea.

Isola 2000, France


As you can see, France is home to countless ski resorts that are worthy of ‘the gram’ as it is known. So, if you are looking to snap some stunning photos, and enjoy the best skiing of your life, France is the place to be. Until then, don’t stop wandering!



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