When people ask me about popular holiday destinations in Europe, you wouldn’t believe the amount of different places in Spain I find myself listing, without even realising.

Spain is an incredibly popular country for holidaymakers from all over the globe, and rightfully so in my humble opinion.

Spain is a country that is steeped in history and age-old traditions. It is a country of culture, the locals are friendly, the weather is fantastic, and there is just so much to do that you could spend an entire year there and you still wouldn’t scratch the surface.

Another great reason to visit Spain the next time you’re planning a holiday is because Spain is home to some of the Mediterranean’s most breath-taking beaches. If like me, you can’t get enough of the coast and you love being by the sea, you’ll love today’s topic.

Here’s a look at what many consider to be se7en of the most beautiful beaches in Spain.


La Concha, San Sebastian

The first Spanish beach that I have for you today is La Concha, which is one of the most famous beaches in the entire world.

La Concha is located in San Sebastian, and it is unmistakable due to its unique seashell shape.

La Concha

Because of its appearance, La Concha is named after a seashell (Seashell in Spanish is Concha) and it is a real pleasure to explore.

The beach stretches for just over 1 mile and offers soft, warm, golden-white sand and beautiful calm blue waters that gently lap at the shore.

Despite this being such an incredibly popular beach because it is so vast and spacious, it rarely gets crowded, even in the height of summer.

La Concha


Playa de la Victoria, Cadiz

Next up, I’m taking you to Spain’s Coast of Light, the Costa de la Luz, located on the Atlantic Ocean.

Playa de la Victoria is one of Cadiz’ most popular urban beaches.

Conveniently placed in the centre of the city, it is the perfect beach for those of you who want a bit of everything in your holiday, as Cadiz itself makes for a great base.

Playa de la Victoria

In the height of summer, when temperatures often exceed 30 degrees C, the cool Atlantic waters are especially welcoming and inviting.

This golden sandy beach is also perfect for those of you into your water sports, and the seas can get a little rough from time to time, making it a real surfer’s paradise.

Once you’re done on the beach, why not take a gentle stroll down the 2-mile long boardwalk where you can purchase souvenirs, drinks, and fishy seafood delights to keep hunger at bay until later.

Alternatively, why not settle down, tuck into some fresh seafood, and get tipsy sipping on cocktails as you watch people play on the beach?

Playa de la Victoria


Playa del Silencio, Asturias

If you find yourself in Northern Spain, then the beaches located in Asturias are the perfect destination for you to explore.

Pretty much any of the beaches here will be ideal for you, but if you want to real cream of the crop, then Playa del Silencio is the beach you should head to.

Playa del Silencio

As the name implies, this is a much quieter, more subdued and laidback beach, so if you want to escape big crowds and rowdy tourists, this is the beach that you should head over to.

As with many other parts of Northern Spain, hot sunshine all year round isn’t quite as guaranteed, as the climate is a little cooler, so just bear that in mind if you happen to be booking your holiday here out of season.

Playa del Silencio


Cala Agulla, Majorca

Want a tropical beach paradise that you would expect to find in the Bahamas? If so, then be sure to head over to Cala Agulla.

Situated in the Balearic island of Majorca, this beach boasts unspoilt landscapes, swathes of golden sand, lush greenery, clear turquoise waters, and beautiful mountains in the distance to provide a stunning backdrop.

Cala Agulla

This beach, despite being in Majorca, which is a well-known tourist hotspot, is surprisingly quiet for much of the year, especially in the off-season so if you are looking for somewhere to build sandcastles, explore rock pools, and perhaps enjoy some windsurfing, Cala Agulla is ideal.

Cala Agulla


Ses Salines, Ibiza

When people think of Ibiza, they instantly associate it with nightclubs and young adults all looking to party the night away and make memories that will stick with them for a lifetime.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Ibiza can provide that, so if you want somewhere to party, Ibiza can certainly accommodate you.

However, Ibiza is about so much more than wild partying youngsters, DJs, night clubs, and party atmospheres. Ibiza is one of Spain’s most gorgeous islands as it has spectacular scenery, gorgeous beaches, an old town, and much more besides.

Ses Salines beach is a Spanish icon that is unmissable due to its crystal clear waters, white golden sands, its rustic surroundings and its fashionable and trendy beach bars.

If you’re looking to enjoy yourself, and perhaps party now and then, without partying like a 19-year-old at Amnesia for the first time, you’ll love Ses Salines beach as you can explore the beach and the surrounding area in the day, and do a spot of partying once the sunsets.

Ses Salines


Es Trenc, Mallorca

Mallorca is a part of Spain that was once hugely popular, yet for some reason, it’s fallen out of favour with holidaymakers over the last several years, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why that is.

Mallorca is home to some of the country’s most fab beaches, yet it is Es Trenc beach that steals the headlines here, and rightly so.

Es Trenc is fabulous as it is tucked out of the way so you can avoid drunken sunburnt tourists singing out of tune football songs badly, and can instead appreciate the beach in all its glory.

Es Trenc is one of the few remaining beaches in Mallorca that have been spared from renovation and redevelopment, so it is largely unchanged, which only adds to its natural beauty.

There is no huge resort here, and while the beach isn’t in close proximity to a hotel, the facilities available here are plentiful, so be sure to tuck into an authentic paella before you leave.

Oh, and there’s also a nudist beach nearby, so make of that info what you will.


Playa de Los Lances

Finally, we’re going back to the province of Cadiz, this time to Tarifa and its Los Lances beach.

This beach has everything from whale watching and surfing, to upmarket nightclubs and family-run restaurants.

This is a beach that is best suited for those of you with a sense of adventure, as it does get quite windy, which is why it is so popular amongst surfers.

Interestingly, it also sits on a junction between the Med and the Atlantic, which is one reason why conditions can get a little blustery. In summer, though, when the sun is fierce, you’ll be glad of the breeze and the fine sea spray.

Playa de Los Lances


Until the travel conditions lift, I can only dream of a sunny beach in Spain. Alas, those times will come again and I hope you will find a use for this list then.

Until we’ll meet on a beach somewhere, stay safe, stay curious and don’t stop wandering!




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