Autumn, or Fall, for my overseas readers, has to be my favourite season, and it’s safe to say I’m not alone. Don’t get me wrong, I love the flowers of spring, I love the sunshine and long days of summer, and I even enjoy the rare occasions when it snows in the winter.

For me, though, autumn is where it’s at. In my opinion, there’s nothing better than going on an autumnal walk in the UK countryside on a weekend, enjoying the spectacular colours on offer, stopping off for a pint, or several, at a pub and a hearty meal, before heading home to have a nap on the sofa.

Yes, yes, I know that makes me sound majorly old, but there’s just something comforting about the autumn that can’t be beaten.

If you’re in the UK and are looking to experience the Autumn in all of its glory, here’s a look at se7en of the best places to visit in the UK during Autumn.


The New Forest National Park, Hampshire

First, on my list, today is the gorgeous New Forest National Park, Hampshire.

The New Forest is one of the most spectacular wooded areas in the UK all year long. For me personally, though, it really looks at its most special during the autumn, as the leaves are changing colour.

This ancient woodland spreads over more than 50 miles and features trees centuries old, dominating the landscape and really adding an amazing splash of colour in the autumn.

This National Park really is special as it is home to traditional British pubs, amazing views, and a vast array of wildlife including wild ponies and pigs snuffling for acorns.

National Park, Hampshire


Richmond Park, London

If you find yourself in the nation’s capital this autumn, be sure to venture over to Richmond Park, as you’ll almost certainly be in for a treat.

The park, made up mainly of ancient oak trees, finds itself bathed in reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and browns as the leave change colour before falling to the ground.

Richmond Park is London’s largest park and it is hard to believe it is located so close to such an urban setting. There are even free-roaming fallow deer here, making it the perfect family destination.

Richmond Park, London


Rufford Park, Nottinghamshire

Up next is a country park that is vastly underrated in my mind.

Rufford Park is located a stone’s throw away from Sherwood Forest, which is also amazing in Autumn by the way, and is home to the ruins of an ancient abbey.

Rufford Park features manor houses, a large lake, trees, wooded areas, open fields, and of course the abbey, which is reported to be haunted by a faceless monk.

The park often hosts Halloween themed scavenger hunts and events in the autumn, so why not feed the ducks, enjoy the vibrant colours of the leaves, hunt for a pumpkin, and try not to come across the ghost of a faceless monk if you visit the abbey.

There is also a ford here which is great fun for all the family, as you can watch cars and vehicles splash through it and rate each splash accordingly with a cheer or a boo.

Rufford Park, Nottinghamshire


The Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales is amazing in the autumn for those of you who enjoy your hiking and want to get some exercise and some fresh air in the process.

With rolling hills and fields, rock formations, waterfalls, drystone walls, and a selection of wildlife, it’s easy to see why the Yorkshire Dales are so popular all year round.

Okay, if you’re looking to enjoy vibrant red, yellow, and orange leaves, you may be a little let down as there aren’t too many trees or wooded areas here, but the views more than makeup for that.

As an added bonus, if you do visit in the Autumn, it’s less likely to be as busy as I would be in the peak summer months.

The Yorkshire Dales


Faskally Wood, Scotland

Come on, you surely didn’t expect me to talk about beautiful UK places to visit in the Autumn and not mention Scotland?

Faskally Wood in Perthshire, bonnie Scotland is known locally as ‘big tree country’ and that isn’t an ironic nickname either.

Faskally Wood is home to more than 20 species of tree, including Silver Birch, Pine, Ash, Hazel, and Oak. It is beautiful all year round but if you visit around late October, you’ll really be treated to the goods in the form of amazingly bright foliage.

Faskally Wood, Scotland


Coniston Water, Lake District

The Lake District is synonymous with beautiful countryside, yet in terms of spectacular autumnal colours, Coniston takes some beating.

Coniston Water, located in Cumbria’s Lake District National Park, is one of the most-visited parts of the country, and I can definitely see why. Here you’ll find lakes, woodland, countryside walks, cosy pubs with log fires, museums, quaint countryside towns, and hills and mountains.

As the leaves on the trees surrounding the edge of the lake change colour, I honestly don’t think I can do the view justice with words. Even Bob Ross himself would struggle to paint a picture more beautiful.

If you’re brave, or foolish – there’s a fine line, you could even venture into the lake and enjoy water-skiing or some other water sports. For me personally, I’d much rather swap my wetsuit for a cardigan and a roaring log fire whilst sipping on a local ale, though there’s nothing to say you can’t do that after.

Coniston Water


The Scottish Highlands

Finally, heading even further up North to Scotland once again, this time we’re really getting rugged as I’m taking you to the Scottish Highlands.

The Highlands are dominated by barren moorland and rocky mountains, with wildflowers, heather, and a surprising amount of taverns and distilleries for somewhere that is seemingly so barren.

The Highlands, of course, aren’t completely barren as there are plenty of towns and villages located here, and, I’m especially glad to report, plenty of castles too.

For a visit in the Autumn, why not come at the end of October so that you can enjoy the beautiful colours of the Autumn foliage, combined with a Halloween tour around a haunted castle.

Top off your day with a bowl of haggis, neeps, and tatties, smothered in a creamy whiskey sauce, washed down with a wee dram of fine Scotch malt whiskey. Perfect.

The Scottish Highlands


All these places are great places to see, especially during autumn! Would you visit?

Until next time stay safe, stay curious and don’t stop wandering!



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