Speaking from experience, I can honestly say that come summertime in the UK, the weather can be, shall I say, changeable at best. Okay, that’s putting it politely, as more often than not, the weather in the UK during the summer does tend to suck. With that said, though, when the sun shines, it really is glorious.

There are some summertime traditions in the UK that do not change, regardless of where in the country you happen to visit. Things such as barbeques in the evening on the first warm day of the year, drinking a real ale or cider in the sunshine outside of the pub, fish and chips every time you visit the seaside, and of course, plenty of ice cream which is what I want to talk to you about today.

I love ice cream, and on a hot summer’s day I don’t think it can be beaten, but where are the best places to get ice cream in the UK? Here are se7en suggestions I just know you’re going to love.


Chin Chin Laboratorists London

Up first, I’m going to take you to jolly old London to visit Chin Chin Laboratorists by Camden Lock.

If you enjoy traditional vanilla ice cream like your grandparents used to enjoy by the seaside when they were kids, this is NOT the place for you as there is nothing traditional about the ice creams churned up here.

The guys here freeze your ice cream right in front of your very eyes using liquid nitrogen a-la Heston Blumenthal, which not only fills the parlour with an amazing scent of vanilla goodness but also puts on quite the science show as well.

You can choose a variety of toppings such as fresh fruits, nuts, and an array of sauces and if you check back soon, they will also be offering cocktails. Booze and ice cream? Count me in!


The Ice Cream Farm, Tattenhall

Fancy your ice cream a great deal more traditional and quintessentially British? If so then make your way over to the Ice Cream Farm, Tattenhall.

Here, they have been producing traditional ice cream for over three decades, using the milk from cows on their own land, and producing the ice cream on-site.

The village of Tattenhall, located just 8 miles from Chester, is a lovely little village and the Ice Cream Farm itself makes for the perfect summer’s day out as you can enjoy the scenery, see the animals, and enjoy one of the nicest ice creams you could ever wish for.


Nardini’s, Largs

The third offering I have for you is up in Scotland, which I absolutely adore.

This Western Scotland institution is a gorgeous coastal location offering amazing coastline, lush countryside, sandy beaches, and of course, traditional Scottish coastal weather so be sure to bring your umbrella. Only kidding.

This B-listed deco building recently underwent a refurb to restore it back to its former glory where it reopened in 2008, offering a selection of delicious ice creams at the café, including Scottish Tablet, double cream vanilla, and delicious sundaes.

If you’ve got an appetite on you, why not indulge on their ‘Clyde Coast Extravaganza’, made up of 12 heaped scoops of ice cream with a whopping 16 toppings to choose from. Ice cream heaven or what!?


Mary’s Milk Bar, Edinburgh

If you’ve never been to Edinburgh, Scotland, I implore you to go as it is one of the finest cities on the planet. It’s also home to Mary’s Milk Bar.

Mary’s Milk Bar is a store located in the centre of the city famous for its in-store made ice cream made fresh every morning by Mary herself.

The flavours are unique, the ingredients are authentic and natural, and the ice cream is heavenly. Seriously, just see for yourself.


Jolly Nice, Frampton Mansell

If you’re ever near the glorious Gloucestershire countryside in the summer and you find yourself craving something sweet, creamy, and delicious, make sure to stop by the village of Frampton Mansell and check out ‘Jolly Nice’.

Jolly Nice is an ice cream business that started from humble beginnings in the family kitchen. What started off as a simple ice cream making business to earn a little extra pocket money in the summer expanded to become arguably the finest ice cream parlour in all of Gloucestershire.

Here you can enjoy a walk around the farm before venturing into the farm café to enjoy a freshly made ice cream. Personally, I’ve heard many great things about the vanilla flavour, as it is loaded full of Madagascan vanilla seeds scraped fresh from the pod by hand.


Roskilly’s, Cornwall

Come on, you didn’t honestly think I’d go ahead and create a posy talking about the UK summertime and ice cream and not mention Cornwall did you?

Cornwall is synonymous with the UK summertime and with its lush green pastures, rolling hills, acres of farmland, and a warmer climate, it is the ultimate destination for those of you looking to get away and escape the hustle and bustle of modern living.

Roskilly’s is not simply an ice cream parlour, it is a farm that makes for the perfect day out. What I love about Roskilly’s is the fact that you get to see how your ice cream is made from cow to cone, starting with the milking.

The milk here comes from Jersey cows, which is what makes Cornish ice cream so incredibly rich, creamy, and delicious.

Roskilly’s also use ingredients produced on the farm, such as their Cornish clotted cream fudge which is added to certain flavours, and even water from the farm’s spring which goes into making their sorbets.


Gelupo, London

I’ve not quite finished with London just yet, which is why I’m now transporting you to Soho, to Gelupo.

If you like to think outside of the box and crave something a little different, Gelupo have got you covered here as they offer unique flavours such as pine nut and fennel seed gelato, which works unbelievably well.

By far, though, the most unusual is their ‘Gelato Burger’ which is made from your choice of gelato flavours, sandwiched between two warm, sweet, and buttery brioche buns baked in-house. Forget beef burgers burnt to a crisp on the BBQ, instead pick up a gelato burger this summer!


So, what do you say? In the mood for an ice cream?

Until next time stay safe, stay curious and don’t stop wandering!





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