During my time in the UK, I’ve seen some truly spectacular sights. I’ve seen snow-capped mountains, and I’ve seen coastline as beautiful as anywhere in the world.

Now, granted, the UK is home to some less-than-reputable locations, and yes, the sky is greyer than the title of a hugely popular erotic novel and movie trilogy (or so I’ve heard) but you can’t help but admire the scenery and tourist destinations on offer here.

The North Yorkshire coast, for example, is hugely popular amongst tourists, holidaymakers, and locals alike, and is home to some gorgeous little towns and villages, including Scarborough, Staithes, and Sandsend.

Perhaps the most famous town on the North Yorkshire coast, however, is the town of Whitby and it is Whitby which I’m going to be talking to you about today.

If you’re ever looking for a day by the sea but aren’t sure where to go, just head to Whitby.

Here are se7en amazing things to do in Whitby.


Take a trip on the North York Moors Railway

Whitby is the perfect holiday destination, and when booking accommodation, you’ll be spoilt for choice when finding somewhere to stay.

Why am I talking about accommodation? Because ideally to enjoy a trip on the North York Moors Railway, you’re best setting a day aside just for that, as it does take several hours.

The North York Moors Railway is a great way to see the North Yorkshire countryside in all of its glory.

Here you’ll board a vintage or steam train and will leisurely chug your way through the North Yorkshire countryside, through valleys, past trees, fields, and moorland, and will get to see why Yorkshire is known fondly as ‘God’s Own County’.

Goathland Station

Along the way, you’ll stop at some charming countryside stations, including Goathland Station. Harry Potter fans will be especially interested in this stop because it served as the fictional Hogsmeade Station in the first Harry Potter movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

The 90s and early 00’s TV fans will also recognise it as the fictional village known as Aidensfield in the TV series Heartbeat.

North York Moors Railway


Take on the Dracula Experience

Whitby is a very spooky part of the UK, due largely to the fact that it inspired novelist Bram Stoker to pen a section of his Dracula novel here.

Whilst staying in Whitby, while sat atop the 199 steps in St Mary’s Church graveyard and looking out to sea, he suddenly found himself inspired and even set some of the novel in Whitby.

Because of this, Whitby is home to plenty of vampire gimmicks and attractions, including the Dracula Experience.

The Dracula Experience is a tour which tells the story of Dracula and its connections to Whitby, all the while using real actors in costume, props, lighting, and special effects to scare you as you make your way through the building.

In total there are 8 frightening scenes, and as the tour doesn’t last too long and is literally right next to the harbourside and a literal stone’s throw from the pier, there’s plenty to see and do after.

St Mary’s Church


Relax on the beach

Whitby’s main beach may not exactly be the star of the show here, but it’s still a great little beach and is the perfect spot to enjoy some sunbathing or paddling in the sea.

Everybody loves the beach, and the beach here at Whitby may not be as vast as some of the other beaches in the area, but it’s still a very picturesque beach and is the perfect place to go sea glass hunting or to make sandcastles.

Whitby Beach Up View


Go crabbing off the pier

Crabbing in Whitby is a very popular pastime, which is why virtually every shop you enter will have a crab line, net, or bucket for crabbing.

Okay, I might be exaggerating slightly, but you won’t struggle to purchase a crab net or line in Whitby that’s for sure.

Crabbing is strangely therapeutic and relaxing, as you simply lower your net or line into the sea, sit back, wait for a few minutes, gaze out to sea, take in the sea air, and then raise your net/line to see how many carbs you’ve caught (stop laughing).

Smoked bacon is the best bait in my personal opinion, and after you have caught your crustacean friends, just be sure to carefully return them back into the water.

Crabby whitby


Climb the 199 steps

I told you I’d talk more about the 199 steps, and here we are.

The 199 steps are somewhat famous in Whitby as they start at the top end of town and lead up to the graveyard of St Mary’s Church and Whitby Abbey.

The steps are a great way to burn some calories and enjoy stunning views both of Whitby and out to sea.

Don’t worry, there are benches to sit on along the way if the steps are a little too much, plus there are some great photo opportunities, especially with the old-fashioned street lamps as you approach the top.

199 Steps


Visit around Halloween

Whitby is a hugely unique part of the country as, thanks to its strong connections to Dracula, it is very popular amongst goths.

Each year in April and at the end of October, Whitby hosts Whitby Goth Weekend.

Whitby Goth Weekend in October is amazing as there are live bands, goth and Halloween-themed events, Halloween decorations, and people in some of the most amazing goth, steampunk, and Halloween inspired fancy dress costumes you could ever imagine.

It’s worth visiting Whitby at Halloween for the costumes alone, although at the end of the month Whitby Abbey is also illuminated in blues, pinks, reds, and green lights, and can be seen for miles.

Whitby Halloween


Enjoy the food and drink

Whitby is famous for its seafood, and as a fishing town, that is hardly surprising.

The fish and chips on offer in Whitby is the stuff of legend, and with restaurants including the Magpie Café, Trenchers, Quayside, Mr Chips, and plenty more chippies besides, it’s easy to understand why.

Magpie CaféProper Yorkshire fish and chips are cooked in beer batter, is deep-fried in beef dripping, and is served with chips, mushy peas, tartare sauce, a lemon wedge, and bread and butter. I personally also like a portion of curry sauce with mine.

If seafood isn’t your thing, or if you fancy something different, there are heaps of other restaurants, including Moutrey’s Italian, Humble Pie and Mash, Ditto, and the Star Inn the Harbour, which is owned by Michelin Starred chef and Yorkshire lad, Andrew Pern.

Mr Chips


With that said are you ready to begin your trip to Whitby? You’ll surely enjoy it.

Until next time stay safe, stay curious and don’t stop wandering!



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