Hi, this is Eduard.


I am a full-time game designer, part-time traveller, watercolour enthusiast,  amateur photographer and cycling fan. 
The seed for this site was planted as a blog, around 7 years ago, as a way of keeping my family and friends updated on my much anticipated one-month grand tour of China. 
As the tour ended, I intended not to continue writing; alas it was not meant to be, as many of my friends urged a change of mind. For some reason, they really enjoyed my bad puns and acid humour. Of course, at the time, all my articles were in Romanian, my mother tongue, which made them inaccessible to English readers.  
So I kept writing. Since it was just a blog, and mostly for my friends, the formula was also very me-centric, like any travel blog: this is what I did, this is what I ate, this is who I met, etc.
Now, more than 30 countries later, I have decided to share what I learned with you. I will not translate all my over 150 articles and frankly, I am not sure you’d be interested in knowing what I had for breakfast on the second day of my second trip to Dubai, some 4 years ago. 
Instead, I will go over the information I have accumulated and concentrate it in easily digestible posts while adding material from my ongoing wanderings.  
But why?
At this point, you might be wondering what might I be sharing with you after only 30 countries visited? 
Simply put, I love the things I love. That’s why I have visited Holland 13 times in 10 years and Barcelona & Prague for 6 or 7 times each. I love Barcelona so much I even managed to move there for 6 months, which was a dream come true. So while I might not have seen all the countries out there, I’ve spent quite a good amount of time visiting some of them. Hopefully, I will give you reasons to see them too.



Realizing Thailand beaches are not as full of palm trees as the internet depicts


Many people are writing about quitting their day job to travel and about making money through travel-blogging, but that option is not for everybody. 
Nevertheless, anyone can and should travel, even if it’s on a tight budget. Once you have done your research and bought a plane ticket you can afford, money for the voyage somehow appears too. A bit of saving here, a bit of planning there and you realize you could actually do that tour you always wanted to. I will teach you how to do this research, quick and affordable, in the articles you can find here.  
If I ever learned something since I started, it’s that travelling is one of the best uses of your money…if you don’t have kids; then the most useful would be to give them a good education AND travel with them. 
With that in mind, I have created this site.
If you are interested in knowing how to travel on a budget or how to motivate yourself to travel more, spend some time here. And when you’re done with reading, get up, go out and don’t stop wandering!
Eduard, 2019 





PS: You might have wondered who’s this little guy is and what he has to do with travelling.

Meet Appo, the travelling penguin!

Appo, Apolodor by his full name, was a circus penguin and a great singer to boot. Not only that, but he was the main character of my favourite comic book as a child; his adventures in trying to reach his family in Labrador always made me dream of faraway lands, blessed with strange and fascinating names like Mozambique, Cabo Verde or Tibet. With short and delightfully rhyming lyrics, Gellu Naum made Romanian kids of my generation dream of travels and bought them misty-eyed moments of magic. How not to cry when after navigating the globe almost twice over in search of Labrador, Apolodor finally meets his family?

While I haven’t yet been to Mozambique or many of the other places he’s seen, Apolodor’s story and voice inspired me when I was contemplating the soul of this site. Appo is my humble homage to Gellu’s Apolodor, to carefree and passionate travelling.

Let Appo be your guide on your travels here and like him, don’t stop wandering!