If you’re itching to get away on holiday this year, Spain will no doubt be on many of your radars. Spain is a hugely popular holiday destination for holidaymakers from all over Europe, and indeed, the world. Whereas the country is commonly associated with holidays in the sun, you may be interested to hear that skiing holidays in Spain are very popular during the winter.

Because the country is so vast, your holiday experience will vary from month to month. Visiting Spain in February for example, will provide a vastly different experience to visiting the country in July. To help you plan your Spanish holiday properly, we’re going to be looking at when the best time to visit the country is, and what you can expect when you’re there.


When to visit if you’re on a budget?


To begin with, we’re going to look at when to visit Spain if you’re on a budget. We get it, we’re into the New Year, finances are tough after the holidays, and not all of us can afford to splash out hundreds, if not thousands, on fancy Spanish holidays in the sun. Nobody wants to spend more money than they have to, and if you’re looking to save money and grab yourself a budget holiday, January to March, and September to November are the best times to visit.

These are considered off-peak months, though in the biz, they’re officially called ‘shoulder seasons.’ These months are less-popular amongst tourists, and therefore you can grab yourself some great deals.

If you visit Barcelona in November for example, you’ll pay considerably less than if you visited in August. The weather here is still very warm and can often reach the low twenties, with blue skies and warm sunshine. If you’re a film buff, Barcelona in November is a must, as each year, it hosts the annual Independent Film Festival of Barcelona, which will provide visitors with one of the most eye-opening film experiences of their lives.


When to visit if you want warm weather?


Right now, many of us are faced with cold weather, grey skies, short days, and long nights. If you’re yearning for a summer holiday on the beach, in the sunshine, Spain is a great destination. But when is ideal? Well, it depends on how hot you like it.

Spain is renowned for its hot weather, yet in the summer, some parts of the country can get a little too hot for some people. If your primary reason for booking a Spanish holiday is to bake yourself in hot sunshine on the beach, whilst drinking jugs of Sangria, June, July, and August, are ideal.

In terms of where to go, the beaches of the Costa Brava are extremely favourable during the summer, though some can get a little crowded. If there’s one thing the Spanish know, it’s how to throw a great festival, and the Costa Brava in the summer is host to some of the best festivals in the continent.

The Cap Roig Festival is held each summer between the 7th of July, and the 22nd of August. It is held close to a castle and it offers spectacular views over the Mediterranean Sea. Here, you can enjoy live music, performance arts, and concerts from local and international artists.


Cap Roig
The Festival is not the only redeeming feature of Cap Roig

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When to visit if you want something a little cooler?


Whereas many people focus solely on hot sunshine and extreme temperatures, some people find the hot weather a little unbearable and want something a little cooler. If you want warmth, but not hot, the ideal time to visit Spain would be March – April, and October, as September can still be very hot.

Malaga in March is a very popular part of the country and it is certainly worth considering. Each March, Malaga is host to a number of festivals and events, including the prestigious Malaga Film Festival, which dominates the calendar.

If you’re into cosplay, marvel, comics, manga, and other similar genres, Malaga’s Freak Con, held in early March, is definitely worth visiting. Here, you can dress as your favourite superheroes and comic book characters, marvel (see what we did there) at other people’s costumes and mingle with guest stars from some of the most famous faces from TV and Hollywood.


Plaza de Toros, Malaga



When to visit if you want lively cultural events?


As we mentioned earlier, the Spanish know a thing or two about partying, and that’s putting it mildly. If you want to immerse yourself in Spanish culture, how about visiting Valencia, in the town of Buñol during the end of August.


Because it’s the annual La Tomatina festival. This festival is heaps of fun and is perfect if you love tomatoes. No, it’s not a tomato festival, well actually, it kind of is, but to be more precise, it is a festival where people throw ripe tomatoes at one another. Yep, that really is a thing, and it’s a whole lot of fun.

Imagine a giant snowball fight in the town, except, rather than launching frozen balls of ice at each other, people instead throw overripe and juicy tomatoes at each other. By the end of it, the town is literally a sea of red pulp, but it’s one of the most enjoyable experiences you could ever wish for. If you’re quick with your hands you may even be able to nab yourselves a few free tomatoes before they splatter in your face.

Pro tip: Spanish tomatoes taste absolutely heavenly thanks to the fact that they’re sun-ripened, and they go amazingly in a Paella, so seriously, try an get some freebies!


La Tomatina
La Tomatina Festival, Valencia

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And that brings us to a close. Hopefully now after reading this article you’re inspired to book your holiday in Spain, and with any luck you now know when and where you’d like to visit. Whether you want to experience Spain’s most prestigious film festival, watch people get pelted with overripe tomatoes, or just relax in the sun as you top up your tan and get tipsy on Sangria, there’s plenty to do in Spain for 2020, so get searching and don’t stop wandering!

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