If you’re a regular reader of my posts, you’ll know that generally speaking, I tend to favour the countryside over urban settings. While I am more rural at heart, I must confess that there are certain cities in the UK in which I could happily spend the rest of my days.

Usually, I spend much more of my time in rural settings, though when my schedule permits it, I do like to enjoy a break in the city. That’s handy, really, because that’s what I’m going to be talking to you about today.

If you’re looking for an extended weekend away, a city break is a perfect getaway as it can be as relaxing and exciting as you wish.

The UK is home to some amazing cities, and if you do your research and find a city that’s right for you, you can enjoy an unforgettable city break.

Whether you want culture, shopping, food and drink, or to just get a little time away, here’s my guide on how to enjoy a city break in the UK.


Do your research

As I keep saying like a stuck record, the UK is home to plenty of stunning cities. This is why it’s so important to do your research before booking in order to find the ideal holiday destination for you.

Before you book a city break, hop online and start looking for recommendations and do your own research based upon your own personal preferences.

If for example, you want a city break that is close to the sea, you’ll want to search online for UK cities by the sea and narrow your search down from there. Bangor, Wales, for example, is ideal for those of you who want the seaside a stone’s throw away from your city, though in truth there are plenty more.

If you’re looking for museums and art galleries, a cultural city such as Hull could be the perfect city destination.

Basically, what I’m trying to say here is to always do your research before booking a city break. Read reviews, look at pictures, watch videos, and go with your gut feeling.

Travel Research


Don’t neglect your accommodation

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when booking a city break is focussing solely on the city and leaving the accommodation as an afterthought.

In truth, where you stay during your city break is equally as important as which city you choose to stay in.

To enjoy the perfect city break in the UK, my advice to you would be to make sure you focus on choosing the right accommodation for you. The great thing about city breaks is that you’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of where to stay. You could stay in a hotel, a guest house, a bed and breakfast, or you could go self-catering and stay in an apartment, house, or cottage perhaps.

Wherever you choose to stay, just make sure it’s somewhere you really like the look of.

Acommodation in UK


Plan a few things to do in advance

When most people go on city breaks, they’ll usually go for a long weekend, I.E Fri – Sun or Mon. As great as this is for people looking to get away, it doesn’t always give them enough time to get everything done they may have wanted to do.

Once you’ve decided on a destination and accommodation, start doing research into things that you can do while there. I’m not saying you need to be super-organised and to have an itinerary, but perhaps make note of a few things you’d like to do, and a few places you’d like to visit while on your break.

Once you’re settled and unpacked, you can then start prioritizing these things in terms of how badly you really want to do them, although if you think you can fit everything in during your break, by all means, go right ahead.

To Do List


Do something new and unexpected

Yes, I know this is contradictory compared with what I was just talking about in terms of planning ahead, but it’s my blog and I’m being hypocritical, so there.

In all seriousness, one thing I’ve found when going on city breaks is that when you do something new and unexpected, you’ll nearly always have fun and enjoy yourself.

Remember, the whole point in a city break is to get away from the monotony at home, so what better way to break up the monotony than to push yourself out of your comfort zone and to try something new?

You can be as adventurous as you’d like, so you could simply try a new restaurant and sample new cuisine, or visit an attraction in the city you’re staying in that ordinarily you would have had no interest in back home?

City at Night


Don’t bank on good weather

As lovely as the UK can be, what isn’t generally considered lovely in the UK is the weather.

Now, the good thing about a UK city break is the fact that, in a city, you’ll be surrounded by buildings which means getting a roof over your head will be easier than ever. This is handy in the UK because it rains. No, seriously, it does rain a lot. It rains in the spring, it rains in the summer, and it definitely rains in the autumn and the winter.

Basically, when booking a city break, don’t bank on the weather being warm and dry because the weather in the UK is as changeable as a politician’s policies after being elected.

Be sure to pack warm clothing, and keep an eye on the weather forecast if you do plan on doing activities on your city break that predominantly take place outside.

London Rain


Buy a souvenir

Okay, yes, they’re tacky, yes they’re purely money grabs, and yes, they are heavily commercialised, but souvenirs are a part of what makes a city getaway unforgettable.

Before you head home after your break, be sure to purchase a souvenir so that you’ll have something to remember your break. The more places you visit, the more souvenirs you can collect, which is actually more fun than it sounds.

You could buy a fridge magnet, a keyring, a shirt, a teddy, a postcard, a tea towel, or anything else you like the look of.

Souvenirs UK



Are you ready for an awesome city-break? Let me know.

Until next time stay safe, stay curious and don’t stop wandering!




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