How to spend two perfect days in Vienna

Vienna City Center
A great pedestrian street in the City Center



The other palace


The palace referenced in the title is the other royal residence, the Schönbrunn. I have decided to visit it before heading for the airport, on Monday morning. Since the palace is a mere 2 kilometres away from my friend’s place, reaching it takes about 20 minutes.

For most of the 2 kilometres, you are slowly descending. 53 meters of descent is actually quite something. If I would have stopped in the middle of the road with a telephoto lens camera, I would probably have got quite a nice shot, since you can glimpse the palace from the hillside.


At 1441 rooms big, the Schönbrunn is quite a sight to behold. I have taken a tour of it on my previous visit and have quite thoroughly enjoyed it.

Discussing the interiors with my friends, I picked on the fact they didn’t like it and found it quite creepy. I guess the truth is out there, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, etc. If you ask me, I’d recommend checking it.



towards Schoenbrunn
The long descent to Schönbrunn. You can glimpse it and the hill behind it


Schloss Schoenbrunn
Schloss Schönbrunn, the summer residence


Schoenbrunn fountain
One of the fountains in front of the Palace


Schoenbrunn Flowers
In the Schönbrunn courtyard


Gloriette and fountain
Neptune’s fountain and the Gloriette


View from Gloriette


Schönbrunn Gloriette, with new statues


Old statues
The former statues were destroyed in February 1945


Vienna Tram
Old school tram spotted on the way to the airport

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