If you’re thinking of booking a holiday abroad to escape the doom and gloom back home, Australia is most certainly one of the best options for you right now.

The land down under is famous for many things, including: Fosters, Home and Away, Neighbours, and of course, Crocodile Dundee (whatever happened to him?). In all seriousness, though, Australia is home to so much more than tinned lager, disappearing actors, and cheesy soap operas. Australia is home to some of the most amazing wildlife, sights, and vistas that you could ever imagine.

One common question that people always ask before booking a trip to Oz however, is ‘when is a good time to visit Australia? Well, in all honesty, we can’t give you an exact answer to that because it is subjective. Some people may prefer Australia in the height of the summer, whereas others would much rather visit when the weather is a touch cooler.

To help you decide when the best time to book your holiday might be, here’s a look at a few things to consider before booking a trip to Australia.


Australia in spring

Ah, springtime. The days are growing longer, the birds are singing, the flowers are starting to bloom, and the air can only be described as ‘a bit cold’ rather than absolutely Baltic. British springtime is an enjoyable time of year as it signifies that summer won’t be long. Spring in Australia, however, is very different.

When? – In Australia, the season of spring is between the months of September and November.

What is the temperature like? – If you’re a sun seeker and are worried about missing out on the sun if you visit in spring, please don’t. In Australia, the temperature in spring is typically the same as the temperatures we enjoy during the summer. Ranging from 11 degrees C to as high as 24 degrees C on average, the temperatures here are great for people that don’t like being too hot, nor too cold.

What is the weather like? – Okay, so we’ve looked at the temps, but what about the weather? Well, whereas we can’t predict the future, we can confidently say that the weather in Australia during the spring will likely be warm, dry, and sunny, with modest amounts of humidity. This does depend on where in the country you visit of course, but sunshine is very likely.

Why visit in the spring? – If you’re looking for reasons why to visit during the spring, you’ll find that the country comes alive with festivals and celebrations. If you are into your adventure water sports, spring is ideal because the water is nice and warm, and the sun isn’t too fierce. Whether you’re surfing at Byron Bay, or Sea Kayaking on Sydney’s Gold Coast, conditions will be perfect.

If you want to get out of the water, a visit to Kangaroo island is ideal as you’ll find plenty of animals and wildlife to enjoy.

spring in australia


Australia in Summer

If you really want to top up your tan and bask in the hot sunshine, summer in Australia is the perfect time to visit.

When? – Summer in Australia runs from December until February.

What is the temperature like? – Hot. Oh, you want specifics? Okay, very hot. Seriously, though, don’t forget your sunscreen as typically you’ll find that average temps are between 20 and 30 degrees C. Just be aware that heatwaves are not uncommon, and temps could reach upwards of 40 degrees C.

What is the weather like? – It’s summer, so naturally the weather will likely be very dry, and very hot. Because of the extreme heat, severe thunderstorms could also break out, which will give you an amazing light show, and dump months’ worth of rain in hours.

Why visit in the summer? – Australia in summer is fantastic. Not only are there amazing celebrations thanks to Christmas and the New Year, but there are also plenty of sporting events and tournaments, especially cricket-related.

You can also enjoy days at the beach, late night barbeques, visits to National Parks, tours around some of Australia’s best Vineyards, and much more besides.

Just be aware that the sun can be very, very fierce, so stay hydrated and don’t forget your sunscreen.

summer in australia


Australia in Autumn

Autumn, or Fall, is a lot of people’s favourite seasons. If you don’t cope well in the sun it becomes a little cooler, there is still plenty of daylight to be had, and of course, the trees and countryside look fabulous. But is it the same in Australia?

When? – Autumn in Australia runs from March until the end of May.

What is the temperature like? – If the fierce summer sunshine is too hot for you, autumn offers you a great alternative. Usually, the temperature varies from between 10 degrees Celsius and 15 degrees Celsius. In early autumn, however, average temps close to 18 degrees C are not uncommon.

What is the weather like? – In autumn, the weather in Australia is much fresher. There is often a breeze in the air, humidity is low, and sunshine is still the norm. Rain showers are fairly common at this time of year, though.

Why visit in the autumn? – Autumn is the most popular time to visit Australia, and we can see why. in Melbourne alone there are food festivals, wine festivals, fashion weeks, open air concerts, and of course, the Melbourne Grand Prix.

Not only that, but outdoors lovers flock here to camp, with he Murrumbidgee River Corridor being a prime spot for camping. If you want something a little more exciting, how about White Water Rafting along the West Coast of Tasmania? Who know, you might even meet Taz?

Just be aware that because it is the busiest time, it can get crowded.

autumn in australia


Australia in winter

Why would anybody choose to go on holiday in winter unless they’re skiing? Well, because Australian winters aren’t like ours.

When? – Winter in Australia is between the months of June and August.

What is the temperature like? – You’d think winter would see the coldest temps, but actually, temperatures in winter typically range from 15 degrees C to as much as 26 degrees C. Though the minimum average is 15 degrees C, temps in the day can drop as low as 12 degrees C, and get even colder at night.

What is the weather like? – Usually, sunshine is still the norm, although the wind can pick up and get breezy. Rainfall is also more common in the winter.

Why visit in the winter? – To begin with, winter in Australia is much quieter than the autumn so there are fewer tourists. If you do insist on skiing, Australia does actually have snow, typically found in the aptly named ‘Snowy Mountains’.

To make up for the less impressive weather, many cities in Oz really step up their artistic offerings so be sure to check out the many galleries and museums.

winter in australia


And there you have it. Hopefully with this information at hand, selection a time of the year that suits best should be a breeze. Until your steps will take you Down under, stay curious and don’t stop wandering!



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